Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Study in Pink*

I couldn't help noticing that this bike parked in a Somerville front yard exactly matched the azalea behind it.
I was tempted to go into the front yard to take photos without the chainlink fence in the way, but thought that might be a bit too bike obsessive and weird :)

I like the contrast of the black rims, spokes and fenders.

A perfect match with the shocking pink of azaleas, and an object lesson on how not to lock a bike you want to keep.

* and if you haven't watched Season 1 of Sherlock, you need to hurry and get caught up- season 2 is coming the first week of May.  I'm not a big TV person, but I thought it was a great fresh take on the somewhat crusty old story.  Benedict Cumberbach is fantastic, but he makes me very glad not to be named Benedict OR Cumberbach.


  1. "I before e," except when "weird," among other exceptions...

    PINK amongst them.

  2. Sherlock is amazing! Season two is better than season one =) The only problem is the season is so darned short!!! Love the pink tires, might have to find some.

  3. Nice observation.....Could become the trend - matching the colour of your garden plants with that of your bike!!


  4. I LOVE the Sherlock series! I was skeptical, b/c I've been a big fan of the Granada Sherlock w/ Jeremy Brett. But Benedict Cumberbatch has got the character nailed! I'm all caught up and waiting impatiently for series 3. :)