Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tough slog in

For the first time in so-long-I-don't-remember-when-it-happened-last, I got a flat on my way to work yesterday morning.   It was a slow one, and I managed to make it to the Scientist's office before I had to ditch and take the T.
It's hard to tell it's flat, but put any weight on it and it smushes down completely.
 Of course it's a rear wheel, which is absolutely no fun to deal with  :(  Good thing I have Minerva to ride the rest of the week.  Maybe I'll try to patch it the sneaky- wheel still on the bike way.

To add insult to injury the one Hubway left in the rack at DTX wasn't working (someone had just grabbed the other one), so I had to walk from the T to work.

Just one of those mornings.   At least it was a gorgeous morning- low 70's and sunny.  I wish I'd had my camera to grab some street shots of all the bikers who didn't get flats this morning:   including a stately older gentleman in a natty hat who was taking his bike off the bus rack, a woman in a hot pink pencil skirt with legs pumping- in a hurry to get somewhere,  and a bunch of regular everyday riders in business clothes.

In the evening I rode a hubway from the financial district to Charles MGH.   Merging through that nasty traffic circle was not made any easier by riding an enormous and slow to accelerate Hubway, but I made it fine by being assertive, and then becoming a pedestrian.   Then I walked across the river to MIT where I put Gilbert in the basement of the Scientist's building and hitched a ride home with him.

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  1. The rear wheel is why you haven't heard about Frankenbike on my blog in quite a while. An IGH tends to NOT get fixed when there are other ridable bikes around...