Friday, May 7, 2010

Elegant Lady

Sorry for the spotty posting- have been having bike problems,  which are really aggravating given the mostly lovely weather we've been having.
Saw this lovely lady as I walked my bike home yesterday (chain broke, tried to fix it this morning, only to discover bigger problem that caused chain to brake, got in to work late because "my bike wouldn't start"
It looks like one of the custom painted "Jolly Bikes"  that some ladies in Arlington were making where they imported Gazelles from Holland, customized the skirtguards and re-sold them.  (unfortunately no longer a going concern).

This one has been further accessorized with some yellow flowers along the looped tube and a coffee cup holder

I love the leaping gazelles hidden in the details.


  1. That is SO SO cute. I love orange - it's such a happy color!!!

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

    :) Laura

  2. Funny that I haven't seen any Jolly bikes around for a year, and now you and Charlotte spotted 2 in the same week. You know, this orange bike that you photographed was the bike that redirected my interest in classic bikes from a theoretical yearning to an active search for one of my own. Here is a picture of it from last year! At that point, Jolly Bikes had already closed up shop, but still had a couple of bikes left. I went to see them and tried a red single speed Gazelle - but the frame (56cm) was too big for me. I was so disappointed!

    Sorry to hear about your chain. Which bike was this, and what's the underlying problem?

  3. I loved the Jolly bikes. I saw them at the SOWA market two years ago. I was sorry to hear they stopped selling bikes.