Thursday, May 13, 2010

Only in Cambridge

So Steve A commented recently that I see all kinds of weird bikes (and bike like objects) that he never sees.  While I'd like to put some of it down to the fact that I'm always looking for bikes, and have sharp eyes,   this is partly because I live in a college town and a lot of people bring bikes here from all over the world.

Cambridge also prides itself on being a bit, um, eccentric.  Non-conventional.  Ok, Weird.

I was biking away from my Gilbert photoshoot, and saw one of the strangest things I've seen involved with a bike,  which is really saying something.    This woman was riding towards me,  and I had to turn around, fumbling for my camera to try to get some snaps before she disappeared.

So I don't know with absolute certainty, because I didn't catch her, but I'm 99% certain that that's a mobile dog bed.  A trailer for her dog.

Not that this isn't actually a great thing for the dog.  My dog would love to come along on a lot of things that involve a ride too long for him to walk.  Two weeks ago when I took him to the  Arboretum for example ( he loves the lilacs!).
If I were really car free instead of just car-light, I would have had to find  a way to take him, and this would seem to be a good solution. Except for the fact that he wouldn't stay on the bed, but that's another story.  Only in Cambridge.


  1. ha, yet again you spot the funky stuff. why don't i see this stuff??!!

    that's a neat idea. i've seen child trailer conversions for general cargo hauling, but i haven't see a dog bed. what a lucky dog to be able take in the sights, all while laying on his soft bed!

  2. I was in Lubbock on Tuesday, bringing my daughter home for the summer from TTU. I saw a fair number of interesting bikes, but still nothing in the "Cycler Class" of uniqueness.

  3. Around Lexington/Bedford there is a man who rides his bicycle with a white terrier in a crate on the rear rack. We see him often on the Minuteman trail. The crate is equipped with a pillowy dogbed and the white fluffy terrier seems very happy and obedient. Wish my cats would be so well behaved on a bike, but sadly that would be impossible. It's always nice to see cyclists with animals, and I agree that Cambridge has an impressive collection of bike weirdness.

  4. Well, a fellow attends my yoga class and brings his lovely portly and older pit bull along, and apparently he brings her via trailer and bicycle, but I think it is an unmodified child hauling type. They are pretty cute, and like that they travel all over together by bicycle. I love the one you caught pictured here. I, like Velouria, would love to try to bring my cat along, but she would not be having that, I am afraid.