Friday, May 14, 2010

Truly classic

I was killing time in the Cambridge Antique Mall  (home to Cambridge Used bicycles)  when I saw this fantastic old bicycle for sale in one of the "normal" flea market stalls.

This is, according to the tag, a pre 1900 bicycle.  I only had my phone with me, so excuse the photos, but I had to share.

The thing that's most shocking to me is that it's got wood  rims.  Wood seems like such an unsuitable material because of it's directionality.

Fantastic riveted wood fenders and cool headbadge.

I wish I'd taken more pictures of the drivetrain, the pedals and the braking system.  I think it's kind of incredible how little bicycles have actually changed in 110 years.  I mean, yes, there are all kinds of technical advances,  but the basic form of the "safety bicycle" is the same after all this time.

For $450 and houseroom for an un-ridable but fantastic piece of history, you could make it yours.


  1. Wood, the original composite. Why would wooden bike rims seem stranger than the wooden rims on early autos?

  2. *Very* cool! We have a transportation Museum in Denver and they have a whole section of bicycles. Its really facinating. My kids loved the place so we should plan a trip soon and I'll blog some photos.

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