Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anderson Bridge Meeting tonight

I'm sick, and won't make it, but there's a meeting on the Anderson Bridge reconstruction in Allston tonight:
It sounds like a compromise has been reached that will allow both the current wide sidewalks, and a dedicated bike lane each way.  They're going to shrink the car space to three lanes, with one lane entering each side, and then a switch at the midpoint of the bridge so that there is a place for traffic to stack on each end of the bridge to wait for the light to get off the bridge.
The city of Cambridge has also made a commitment to reducing the traffic lanes on JFK  to three in order  create a bike lane each way from the river to the square.  Hooray!

Find out more and make sure that people who travel across the river by bike are represented by showing up at the meeting tonight at the Allston-Brighton library at 6:30.
Ok, back to bed with more grapefruit juice


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