Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking news

In an interesting follow up to the Cambridge plans for reconstruction of Western ave, the city of Boston just announced a new plan for a separated on grade cycle track for Western ave on the other side of the river.
This could be a huge development for people commuting from Allston to Cambridge!


  1. *faint*

    This is HUGE. HUGE. I kind of want to hug the messenger.

    Western Ave (theoretically) is perhaps the most important connection to Cambridge and Boston from Allston, Waltham and Watertown. Right now it's a complete disaster and very dangerous. This could encourage a whole new group of people to cycle. Especially since the areas along Western Ave and to the west are very densely populated.

  2. Ooh! Thanks for the news, I am looking forward to seeing how this develops!

  3. I had no idea and this is a route that I could actually use!!! woo-hoo

    bring on more cycle tracks

    do you know if they would allow biking only in one direction on Western Ave ? it would be great to have bidirectional traffic for bikes esp to be able to cross the river

  4. Read the last several posts with interest and love that you can go to public forums and speak up. I am a public employee so I can't really get involved in that way (although I always fill out the on-line surveys the City sends out). As a bike commuter, I go a little VC but prefer segegrated facilities as much as possible. Don't like the feeling of having to go at the speed of speeding trucks and SUVs. I just can't keep up. Otherwise I'm pretty comfortable biking in traffic. The nature of some roads though is that it isn't safe and there is little I can do about it. The militant VC crowd is perhaps battling windmills. I took a bike safety course taught by to VC a few years ago. A bit of a turn off really and I didn't think they would have done much to convince a newby to begin bike commuting.