Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall foliage shots

There's still a surprising amount of fall color still on the trees.
I don't know if it's the relatively mild fall, or if it's always this way.

Some shots I've taken in the last couple of days

Of course, all this leafy splendor reminded me that fall color is followed by raking!
I rode to Home Depot for a pannier full of stuff and 4 packs of yard waste paper bags (the kind that the city will pick up for composting),  then followed that with a stop at the grocery store to fill up the other pannier with groceries.

It was a slow and wobbly ride home.


  1. When you go to Home Depot, is it the same one that is near AC Moore? If yes, what is the route you take? I need to go there, but it seems so bicycle unfriendly.

  2. I go to the one in Watertown, in the Arsenal mall. The Somerville one in Assembly square is bigger and better stocked, but it is really unpleasant to get to by bike, and is further away from my side of Cambridge.

    I normally ride there via the river path, and then cut up on the sidewalk for the two blocks up Arsenal street. It's just such an icky street to ride on, and it's a good uphill slog.
    I rode back through Watertown to the Star Market on the Cambridge/ Watertown border, than back into the Square via brattle street.

  3. Such beautiful colors. I miss it.

  4. I'm always impressed by the loads you carry. I've never carried nearly so much on my bike; I think my biggest load so far was to fill my two Arkel shopper bags with produce from the farmer's market.
    Yes, I think it is the mild fall that has kept color on a few tree's despite all the wind last week - I would have expected more than one frosty morning and at least a brief snow flurry this year.

  5. I too am impressed by your loads. I would LOVE to go to that same Home Depot with my sorte but there is no way I'd feel comfortable on the street.

  6. Velouria--I think (I am working from memory here--I haven't been over there in a while) that you could go down Broadway to Mt. Vernon, cross under the highway, to Sturtevant, which takes you around the back side of the mall area. This would still be ungood, but better than going down 38 to the little roundabout. My usual solution is to go to Tags instead, or the Ace in Inman Sq. The Despot is my choice of last resort.