Monday, November 1, 2010


While we were waiting in line at Clear Flour bakery during the Pastry Progressive,  the Scientist alerted me to an exchange that was going on over near my bike.  A man was crouching down next to Gilbert with his two daughters, explaining the different parts of the bike.

I was too far away to hear all of it, but I did catch "this is a chain guard- it protects your clothes from dirt and oil and keeps dirt out of the chain"  They were doing a thorough overview of the different parts- including my still flashing generator- pedals.  Those girls are well on their way towards an appreciation of practical  but stylish city bikes.


  1. Did he explain how the bell impresses their friends and raised the "cool factor" many times?

  2. Heh. It is funny to overhear one's bike being discussed. I am sometimes in the vicinity of mine, when a person or a group will stop to photograph it or speculate about it. The one thing that usually gets said is that it's an "antique bike".

  3. Oh my goodness, that is tooooo sweet! I want a little girl to whom I can explain bike parts.