Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in warmer climes

Sorry for the lapse, have been spending the holidays with the Scientist's family in Dallas where they think 37F is a cold front. At least theoretically will be back tomorrow if our flight isn't cancelled in the wake of the blizzard that is currently dumping a foot of snow on home. Something to look forward to-shoveling out!
Hope everyone of y'all had a wonderful Christmas with people you love!


  1. for Eastern MA "Blizzard warning through 6pm Monday"

    According to Gov. Patrick - "State of Emergency"

    According to Mayor Menino - "Only essential personnel report to work on Monday in the City of Boston"

    ugh... snow :P

  2. It was 24F at my house this morning. It'll warm up as soon as y'all are safely back on your plane!

  3. In the suburbs of Boston (NW), we got 18" with mad gusts of wind leaving drifts all over. Absolutely brilliant weather but too windy--alas--for me to break out the XC skis. Yet. I love winter....

  4. I live just north of Dallas and it's officially cold when I have to turn the AC off.