Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Somehow I don't think he drives an Escalade

 'Evidently,  Cliff Lee, the lefty ace that the Phillies just snatched from the Yankees, was lured out of Texas by the.....Public Transit options!

No word on whether he bikes in the off season,  but he and his family just prefer to take the train places rather than be trapped in their cars....Imagine!

On a related note, the red line was delayed this morning as I T'd in.  Was wishing I could ride my bike  instead, since the roads were largely cleared, although sloppy


  1. I "chickened out" this morning, as well :( I really need to put on my knobbies on.

  2. I rode my bike today. It was bad. Not so much because of the conditions (lots of slush, but at least no black ice - okay on an upright bike with wide tires), but because the cars seemed to be on their worst behaviour. I was intimidated off the road and into gutter-slush several times; not good.

  3. Hopefully more high profile people like Cliff Lee can get places moving on mass transit. I doubt it, but is sure wouldn't hurt.

    We too have considered a move to the outer reaches of Philly, due to transit availability.

    Boston would be my first choice but it would be a bad commute for my better half.

    We aren't famous so our opinions on transit don't count. ;)


  4. Love the article! Yes, it's wonderful when high profile people show support of public transit, challenging the notion that it's just "criminals" that ride public transit. What they really mean is "poor people" but then the chief offenders would have to further explain what they mean by that. Anyway, our next move will definitely be to someplace with good public transit, something I really miss.