Friday, December 10, 2010

A toasty tip

As the weather cools, I've been looking for wool tights,  and have found that it's hard to find ones that are more than 40% wool.
While I understand the need for some nylon and spandex to keep them from bagging and ending up in a puddle around my ankles,  most I've seen have a lot of acrylic "filler".
A hot tip I saw in a comment on a LGRAB post, that I'll pass along:  Smartwool tights are on sale at Orvis (yes the fishing place).  They're 70% wool, nylon and spandex, without any acrylic.
I was cold in the office this afternoon, so I put them on under my pants,  and they're nice and cozy and so far itch free!  I bought a dark chocolate colored pair at the store, then bought a black pair online.  They seem true to size (I got a medium) and have a nice stretchy weave.  Given Smartwool's record, I am optimistic about their durabilty.

Edited- I'm nice and toasty warm after wearing them in the office for 2 hours-  even got to unzip the down vest I was wearing (yes it's cold in our office)  no itchies yet!


  1. I have those tights, and a pair of SmartWool leggings (from the apparel / base layer section on their site). Both are great. I also picked up a pair of Ibex leggings at REI which I like because they are thicker. They were perfect today!

  2. In Australia we have FLOX. They are fleecy lined tights. They are so warm and toasty and comfortable. Like wearing tracky dacks under your skirt. They come in tights with or without feet. Like leggings but much warmer!

  3. I bought a pair of these last year. They're 85% merino and very warm. They've held up well too, since I not only ride in them, I also work out at the barn in them.

  4. I love SmartWool. I've never been able to wear any kind of wool until discovering their base layers. My usual winter underlayer on the bottom is a pair of long johns (thickness varying with temperature) and a pair of SmartWool socks. I have some regular tights I got in your basic sock department but they don't have the warmth factor.

    My one worry with tights is about the sizing. I checked the Orvis site (great sale--thanks for the tip!). The sizing is stated in terms of shoe size, which is fine for socks. But tights have to get all the way up to my waist and my overall body type has a fair amount to do with the fit.

    Any feedback on fit for height/weight? I'd hate to have the crotch halfway to my knees and try to ride.


  5. The wool that Rivendell and Minus 33 sell are quality products, fit well (guys sizing charts seem to be correct) and reasonable price. They hold up as well as the merino wool Munsingware made 30 years ago the improvement is in the weave, washing is a whole lot more convenient now.
    Products from both vendors have served me well, though the past few days have found me in multiple layers of it and shortening my MN rides.


    Sock Dreams sells multiple brands of mostly wool tights. I have some from B.Ella, and I wear them almost every single day, whether I'm wearing a skirt or pants, often with Sock Dreams' O Woolies over them because I get cold so easy.