Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snowed In

It's a sad sight to see so many bikes stored outside buried in snow:

Gilbert and Minerva are so glad that they have a nice dry space under the stairs to live,
Although I will say, digging out a bike is a LOT easier than a car!


  1. Oh, man, when I was in my twenties and living in small apartments without bike parking, I'd always leave my bike parked outside and by mid winter my drivetrain would be a rusted, corroded mess. Now I look at those photos and feel a twinge of sympathy for those poor derailleurs and chainrings.

  2. Sitting in the salty/sandy plowed snow like that has to be hard on a bicycle.

  3. There's one on the street near here that looks like it had a run-in with a plow and lost; the handlebar is destroyed. Others I've seen look like they're getting stripped by vultures, but that happens all the time. Lucky for me I've been off work this week and neither the car or bike have had to go anywhere.