Friday, April 1, 2011

unfortunately, not a joke

The view from my window this morning :(

Its still coming down as rainy slush, and the roads are icky.
I'm not feeling 100%,  so between that and the nasty weather I'm going to take the T in.

Happy Opening day- Go Sox!


  1. Sox. Aren't they the team that traded away the Bambino? Aren't they playing the Rangers? It should be over 80 for the game.

  2. This April Fool's snow is not funny at all.
    Enough already, Weather.

  3. I got caught out on this last night. I wore jeans to ride because the last couple of days of sun made me complacent and forget to check the forecast. Even neglected to bring the saddle cover for the Brooks Team Pro. Wound up getting my legs soaked on the way to dinner in Cambridge and just parked my bike in the covered rack at the Green Street Garage. The ride home last night after dinner with friends was fine, except I had to take my glasses off because they were being clouded with snow and breath condensation.

    This morning was nice, but mostly because I actually dressed for the occasion.

  4. Sorry, but I think it's funny that you got it instead of me this time. Just got rain here in Upstate New York ;)