Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Despite the Rain

It was pretty well pouring this evening,  but I headed home via bike anyway.  The Scientist has a birthday coming up, and I needed to run a few errands.   My bottom half was thoroughly soaked by the time I reached my destination,  but strangely, I was still incredibly glad to be on a bike.   I don't know what the snafu was, but Cambridge street from Government Center to the Longfellow bridge was a parking lot.   I don't normally lane split or "filter"  but those cars weren't going anywhere,  so I felt comfortable going slowly between the cars and the parking lane.   I don't know how long it would take to get through all that in a car,  but it took me about the same time as usual to travel the entire distance.   When I finally made it to the bridge,   There was only one car that made it through charles circle the entire time it took me to ride over the bridge! I'll take the soaked pants any day over the psychic pain of being trapped in that traffic snarl.


  1. EVERYWHERE was a parking lot tonight... My ride from Copley to Newton Corner was (thankfully) without incident, but was rife with cars not going anywhere.

  2. Not sure when you hit Cambridge St. but it was a parking lot already when i got on it at 17:15-17:30. Like you i don't like to lane split - I usually just make my way along with all the cars - but yesterday after jogging along the sidewalk for a couple blocks I filtered ahead on the side.

    Can't imagine what it would have been like to get through there in a car.

    Also - despite being soaked it was a great ride.

  3. "I'll take the soaked pants any day over the psychic pain of being trapped in that traffic snarl."

    I agree, but really, if you didn't have the bike, would you drive? It seems to me only a true masochist would drive from Cambridge into Boston. We have a pretty good transit system here. Surely, being on a bike is generally far more pleasant than being on a bus or a subway car, but it helps to remember that the car isn't the only other choice.

    If it makes you feel better, I was also caught out without my rain pants, even though I knew it would rain.