Sunday, June 5, 2011

drowned bike

This showed up along the bike path the other day.  From across the street, it merely looked really really dirty.

On closer inspection it looked like it had spend time not only in a damp place, but actually underwater.

The drive train- YIKES!

It even looked like coral was growing on it, although that seems impossible.  Perhaps it was fragments of sponge rubber, like a mattress pad?

I wonder how it came to be in such shape, and how it came to be propped up against a trashcan on Memorial Drive?


  1. could that be the bike I espied on the ice of the Charles the Winter of 2009/2010?

    on closer inspection I see that it is not.

  2. Hmm...Maybe that bike heard something he shouldn't have heard. Isn't that how bikes usually end up at the bottom of the river? And maybe someone brought him up and propped him against the trash can to "send a message" whom? ;-)

  3. I suspect the coral is fish or amphibian eggs. As a kid I found some in a stream, still gooey, took them home and hatched a bunch of mini turtles in a large glass jug. Unfortunately, they didn't survive for long.

  4. Looks like a bike ridden by Davey Jones.
    I've seen many sad looking bikes, but that one takes the cake.

  5. It's a mystery, all right. What a bizarre thing to find!