Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minnie Pearl,* is that your bike?

Recently spotted BSO outside the grocery store:

*Minnie Pearl was a character on Hee Haw who wore a hat with the price tag still attached.  I believe the idea was to show off how much she paid for it.


  1. I just love the Braking for Dummies advice tag on the red BSO. But I really wonder how long it will take before it, too, has the rusted drive train and brakes of the blue BSO?

  2. Well... Howdeeeeee!

    Thank you for a day-brightening Minnie Pearl reference.

  3. Do you need to explain Hee Haw as well? Perhaps there are some in your neck of the woods that didn't get to experience that element of culture that those of us from the Ozarks were subjected to.

  4. A couple of summers ago I volunteered to help my mountain bike club with beginners rides. The rides were posted on read boards of local bike shops and coffee shops, fitness centers... you get the idea.

    On several occasions riders showed up with a brand new bike, still in the trunk of their car with price tags hanging off. Usually a shop employee had removed the front wheel to fit it in and the new rider couldn't remember how to put it back on.

  5. I love your Minnie Pearl reference! And yes, I know all about her-- she was one of my favorite characters. I grew up and watched TV in Oklahoma in the late 70s early 80s. I had no idea this show is known to people of my approximate age in other places in the world.