Monday, March 19, 2012

Bikey Brunch

I had a great time at the first Women who Bike Brunch on Saturday.  We had 12 grownups and a junior biker,  and the setting at Area IV was perfect for such a group- they have a giant long table that could probably seat 24.   I think that every time I've been in there they've been the perfect amount of busy- full but with one or two seats so that a group of 2 could be seated within 10 minutes.  So many of my favorite restaurants don't take reservations and also have a 45 minute wait,  which is a tough combo on a lot of nights.

Anyway,  the food and service were great, and we had a great time chatting for about 2 hours.  Topics included women-specific bike stores, and whether they could be successful,  the BU bridge bike lanes, the underpasses on River and Western,  family biking and why so many bike shops give such bad advice, and lots and lots of other stuff.

Megan, the co-sponsor, in a very cool vintage cape

Dorea and H from Car free with Kids

Me,  Dorea and H and Bikeyface (Minerva was parked down the block)

almost the whole group

As you can tell from the coats it was still a bit chilly, but the sun came out and it warmed up a lot, and of course Sunday was a fabulous day.  It's supposed to be over 70 every day this week- so lots of great riding weather.  It was great to see everyone, and I look forward to seeing people again on Arpril 21st at 11.  We liked Area IV so much we're going back.  Hope to see you all there!


  1. Hi
    My name is John and I an Outreach Coordinator in the Community Development Department with the city of Cambridge. We are going to be holding a bunch of free urban biking workshops (with teachers from massbike) coming up in the next couple months and I wondered if I could get some input/ideas that might be beneficial to include for women specifically cycling in the Cambridge area. Feel free to send me an email at jpelletier(at) or add a comment/message on my blog. I would really appreciate it.