Sunday, March 4, 2012


Like Randonneuring, but in the pursuit of coffee.  
This morning was kind of grey and although not really that cold (37) felt dank and chilly.   The Scientist went immediately to work after waking up- his grant is due tomorrow.  I've got work to do too, but first- coffee!  I decided to head to the new branch of High Rise Bakery on Mass Ave near Porter Sq.

I was hoping we could ride out together for coffee/breakfast, but he didn't have time for that.
So I saddled up alone and went for a quick "Utilitaire" 3-fer.  First stop the library to drop a book off (they're weren't open yet).

 Then instead of just bombing up Mass Ave to the grocery store in Porter Sq, I decided to cut through the neighborhood, going up Oxford through the Harvard and Leslie campuses.  Noted these blooming bushes- I don't actually think they're forsythia, but they look a lot like forsythia.

A quick grocery run got sandwich fixings and carbonated beverages.  Then back down through the same neighborhood,  parallel to Mass Ave, down to where Hi Rise was.

Unfortunately I only have one coffeeholder on my bike, so I had to ride one handed all the way home- and there was a bit of spillage unfortunately.  My PDX design works holder continues to do a great job.
I've been trying to get into the habit of taking coffee into work with me this last week (which is why the Scientist bought it for me).  The only problem I've had is that if there are some drops of coffee left on the top post-sip,  they tend to become airborne when I hit a bump, and then get onto my clothes.  If I'm careful about making sure I don't leave any drops, it's not a problem.

* Utilitaire 12.9   Coffee breakfast.  This is one of the few I've done which didn't have a night time riding component.  I still used my regular generator running lights front and back (Edeluxe on front, 4D Lite Plus on the back) and because it was kind of grey and contrastless, I ran my PB superflash on the back of my helmet.


  1. I went through a bit of a phase with taking coffee to work on the bike (I had a travel mug that fit in the downtube bottle cage, and then one year, silentq got me a handlebar mounted mug holder with matching mug from Soma Fab. Still, I always had that problem with drops from the mug leaking upwards with bumps and what not. So, I don't bother much with porting my coffee anymore, and just prefer to consume it while stationary. Still, it's nice to have a reusable mug handy for going into coffeeshops, so that you don't have to use another paper cup.

    I also like cruising along Oxford as an alternative to Mass Ave. It's calmer, prettier and has fewer lights. I'm off a somewhat mixed opinion on the new Hi-Rise location though. The old spot, with the upstairs seating was nicely cozy, though the ceilings were a little low.

  2. I'm going to upgrade to the PDW from my no-name, since I validated that coffee made at home is at least 3.14 times better than the office coffee. I also bought an Aeropress, and desk-made Aeropress coffee stunned me by being about 10.2 times better than the office coffee, and probably faster if you factor in the times I find the office coffee pots empty.

  3. Yahoo for coffee.

  4. This is why I keep an electric kettle and Melitta filter holder at my desk at work. However, I am mildly addicted to Hi-Rise's cookies, which is a problem, since they are also close to work.