Monday, March 26, 2012


With the unseasonably warm weather we had last week, it seems like all the trees have exploded into bloom.  Normally there's a slower progression from crocuses to daffodils to hyacinths and then forsythia and magnolias.  This year it all seemed to happen at once!  
Saucer Magnolias in the north end

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but the blooms are spectacular- like fireworks.

Cherry blossoms still in bud (AM ride)


Redbuds (I think)
Cherry Trees PM- some of the buds were already blooming 

Normally all these flowers seem like a sign that you've made it through the long tough winter.  This year the winter was neither long nor tough, but it's still nice to have exuberant blossoms on every streetcorner, and the sweet smells of spring wafting through the air.  It's a great time to ride your bike (and everyone and their dog is out riding)

And then BOOM,  New England spring descends again!  It was cool and overcast and blustery all weekend!  The Scientist was all excited about going on a lovely spring bike ride Saturday morning, so we biked to brunch in the South end- and of course it was cold and windy and overcast.  Monday my ride in wasn't too bad, but the ride home was so cold I wished I had warm gloves and earpods- my fingers and ears were bright red and numb by the time I got home.  Didn't see many of the fresh crop of spring riders on my way home.

It's typical for the weather to shift violently back and forth this time of year, but I hope the needle shifts a bit more towards balmy and bright!


  1. I really noticed the bluebells las weekend in Texas. Left over piles of snow are over here north of Montreal.

  2. I blame all the flowers for scrambling up my brain, causing me to forget things, and for taking a slow route to work.