Sunday, May 27, 2012

Out and About

Sorry I've ben AWOL,  life just kind of got in the way the last week or so.
I had a great time at the Bikeyface Bikenic, although it didn't seem like we had much overlap with the normal Women who Bike Brunch.   There are so many bike events during that week, that a lot of people left early to go to other rides.  Some cool bikes, some familiar faces, and a gorgeous day to hang out at the Boston Common.

Unfortunately the rest of the week was a bit of a blur, as I got sick and was out for a day or so.  My boss joked that he could tell I was really sick because I went home early and didn't ride my bike- took the T instead.   Feeling sick really drives home the need to protected infrastructure.  I feel like if I can't ride my normal speed, or if I don't feel super alert, I am not as comfortable riding semi- vehicularly as I have to do on much of my route.   When I feel weak and vulnerable, I long for a route where I can just relax and ride at a slower pace without worrying about car traffic so much!

In January I mis-adjusted the limit stops on the Shogun, and sent the chain into the spokes. I'd been meaning and meaning to try to fix it, and was dreading it, because I have so little experience with derailleurs.   I finally took the Shogun to Emily at Hub Bicycle, and she had it back to shifting perfectly in about 10 minutes.  Best $10 I've spent in a while.

To celebrate it being back in action, the Scientist and I have been taking Saturday morning rides the last couple of weekends, me on the Shogun and he on his road bike.   We went to Brookline Village last weekend, and to the Fenway area yesterday.  I'm still getting settled into the Shogun.  It's great on hills (was especially useful wandering around Brookline) and straightaways, but I'm not 100% comfortable in traffic.  I also have some misgivings about the seat.  It's not precisely uncomfortable, but I feel a bit like I'm precariously balanced instead of having my seat bones properly supported.   I was hoping that it might break in over time, but Velouria's recent post on VO saddles makes me wonder if this is just the way it is, and I may need to try different (wider) saddles :(  I've been so comfortable with my Brooks B66 saddles on my city bikes, so I've never struggled with this kind of problem.   And as I said, It's not a discomfort problem (so far, on less than 20 mile rides) but I just feel like I'm not sitting on the saddle as securely as I feel like when I'm on my B66's.
Can't sit on a step through frame!
Random red office chair sitting under a giant willow.
It's been gorgeous riding weather, but I've been doing stuff round the house mainly this weekend,  fixing the gas grill igniter, doing yard work, and shampooing the carpets (whoo hoo!)  Hope everyone else is enjoying  their memorial day weekend so far, and getting more riding in than I am!


  1. Whenever I'm fatigued, or less often sick, and riding my bike, I think about all the people who must feel similarly, but who are driving cars, and shudder. At least it's only my own life I'm taking chances on while riding my bike in that state, and catch myself drifting lanes.

  2. Saddles are sooooo twitchy. I give a saddle about 300 miles to "break in". If I don't love it by then, I replace it. (I love the pic of the red abandoned office chair. Fabulous!)