Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cambridge Catches Up!

After seeing bike corrals pop up in Somerville (in Davis and Union)  I wondered when Cambridge, once the bike-infrastructure leader of the region was going to catch up!   Fortunately it didn't take too long, and I've seen two bike corrals so far- one on Broadway, right in front of Broadway Bikes, and one on Third Street, right at the corner of Broadway.  The Scientist said he saw another one on 3rd, right next to Voltage Coffee.  I'm sure they must be popping up all over.  When I swung by the one at Broadway bikes, the guys reluctantly answered the door (they had just closed)  to tell me that they'd just gone in at the end of last week.

Anyone else have sightings to report?   I'd vote for one at Area IV and one at Green Street Grill.  Green Street especially has a dearth of poles and other stuff to lock to, so it would be a big help.  I know that the owner of Green Street is a big bicyclist, so I would hope he'd approve.   I think that technically there is no parking along there as it's a fire lane though, so it might be hard to get approved.
The one at 3rd also features a public pump/ tool station for quick fixes

At Broadway Bikes

I know it looks a little lonely, but they just closed on Memorial Day Monday, so it was pretty sleepy (and there's also a lot of bike parking there anyway).


  1. There's one on Cambridge between Inman Square and Prospect, too.

  2. The one in front of Broadway Bikes is particularly appreciated, as parking can be scarce there during peak hours.

    In Somerville, my latest count was three in Union Square alone, one in Davis, and one in Winter Hill. There are others, but I've been told that they are distributed by ward, and not necessarily by demand. Not sure if that makes sense. For example, Davis needs more than one, while one of the three in Union are underutilized.

    I'd love to see one or two bike corrals in Central Square, especially by the T on the outbound side. Demand for parking is pretty high there. I think it's mostly bus and taxi stands, but a little farther down the block is metered parking.

    Union Sq. also just implemented a neat new "reverse-angled" parking scheme on Bow Street, taking away vehicle parking on one side and implementing new bike facilities. It's great seeing all the new infrastructure around Camberville!