Monday, April 18, 2011

Bike lunch

Last week, my bike friend Cris,  who I met through a combination of commuting the same route at the same time, mutual friends (Charlotte of Chic Cyclists) and the blog, met for lunch.  We work about 2 blocks apart downtown,  and we thought we'd try a temporary food cart.  Boston is trying to encourage more food trucks, partly as a way of enlivening public spaces (the greenway, city hall plaza) that need a little more life.

I waited for Cris Post office Square,  Gilbert enjoyed basking in a sunny spot.

On the way, I had to stop and admire this lovely cruiser I had actually seen it flash by in the morning,  but hadn't had a chance to really identify it- it's got a lot of fun details up close:

 Including what might be a home-made skirt guard?  Maybe just repaired?  I like the contrasting red trim along the bottom

Those old headlights have so much character.

The foodtrucks in this one day experiment offered Grilled Cheese, and Cupcakes,
unfortunately the grilled cheese place was out of everything except tomato soup, and I just couldn't do cupcakes for lunch, so we headed off to another fixed location place.

But a fun trip to try something new.


  1. I rode past that intersection a couple of evenings ago while on my way to a birthday dinner in Chinatown and that cruiser was still chained up to that post. Maybe it needs rescuing?

    oh, also silentq emailed me to a GrubBoston post about the new food trucks scheduled to open up on the Kennedy Greenway. If I can entice her to ride into downtown on her lunch break we should give the grilled cheese place another try.

  2. Old Roads had several of those cruisers last time I was there, similar dressguards included. I like them, though I hear they are pretty slow.

    Nice to hear about your meet-up!

  3. I, for one, could totally do cupcakes for lunch.