Monday, April 25, 2011

Private Bike Share

In an increasing trend, I saw these bikes, part of a private bike share locked up on my way home at the Ames Hotel at Government Center.  I know that the Charles Hotel and the Liberty Hotel have been offering bike share for a while, so it must have some appeal if this place is also offering them.
They're Public bikes,  in a nice cream with red accents color scheme,  and with a special sticker saying where they belong.  A couple of them had racks and baskets.

The doorman said that they're free for a certain amount of time to guests, but there are late fees if they're brought back late.  I forgot to ask the time limit.
Anyway, nice to see that these hotels feel that traveling by bike is a thing that their guests would be interested in, and that they would support.

On the way home I noticed these poor trees- blooming their hearts out between the Longfellow construction and a parking lot.   This parking lot is slated long term to become an extension of the river pathway up to the hospital,  so hopefully more people will be able to enjoy them up close.


  1. I saw a couple riding a pair of these bikes in Harvard Sq on Saturday, the bikes are eye catching.

  2. This may be a trend among "boutique" hotels. I stayed at the Ace Hotel in Portland last year where they had 3 bikes to loan to guests. My parents stayed at a hotel in downtown San Diego recently that had a few bikes for guests as well. A year ago, we stayed at the same hotel in SD and there weren't any bikes. It's certainly a welcome trend. I'd be happy to stay at any hotel that provides loaner bikes. I'm surprised that they are using Publics, I'd think a hotel would try to save a few hundred bucks by getting something a bit cheaper.

  3. good looking bikes... and a great little amenity

    I love riding a bicycle when traveling... but it is not always convenient
    this would be quite convenient

    while in Krakow last week
    there were multiple bicycle rental options
    including Bike Share!

  4. oh...

    lots of women cycling in street clothes in Krakow

    men were more prone to bicycle specific gear and modern bikes

    the women were far more fashionable

  5. those publics aren't that $$ as far as cute bikes go... I really want to test ride that frame! I wonder if I could pay for a ride!

  6. So cute! Love the look of the bikes and just the fact that the hotels are encouraging such a good way to see Boston! I've seen the Liberty Hotel's bikes out but not these yet--will keep an eye out.