Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Own Personal Bike Lane

Ok,  It's not just for me,  but a good chunk of my commute home has had temporary lane closures that function as an extra wide bike lane.

Up at City Hall Plaza, the Big Apple Circus is in town, and they close off the parking lane as a fire lane during performances.   

On the Longfellow Bridge, they're doing something to the railings and stone, so they are closing off the lane.   When they first put it all in, the lane merge sign was put so that you couldn't get around it on the right, and had to go around a barrel, into traffic to get around it on the left.   I emailed Mass Dot this picture, and they have since moved them so that you could get through pretty comfortably.  

It's really nice to have that extra space!


  1. I rode that route for the first time today (new office starting today) and i skipped the first "bike lane" since it ends right as a turn lane appears - do you find much conflict there? The "bike lane" across the bridge is sort of sweet - especially since my chain slipped off right that the beginning of it - so i had a safe spot to do the repair.

  2. Hi Mark (are you the Mark I met last Thursday? There's actually another Mark who stops by from time to time).
    I normally ride it pretty late (am about to do it right now) and there's so little traffic- either right turning or through that it's not an issue- and you're right, It's so short!

    The bridge is very nice though. I just thought it was funny that two parts of my route were partitioned off at the same time- it's like the semi- royal treatment

  3. I believe i am the 'other Mark' as i haven't seen you in person for a bit (last time might have been the Boston Retro Wheelmen bike ride?

    I'll be riding into work again today (but probably not directly home) - I'll have to start trying out different routes to see what the best/nicest way is.