Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missed Connections

Me:  Riding happily down the new Watertown Greenway on a gorgeous day, enjoying getting from Mt Auburn street to Arsenal without dealing with all the icky cars.*

You:  A mall full of shops, anchored by a national store that some call Tar-zhey.  So close and yet so far, the lovely new bike path circled your  perimeter, and even had signs pointing to you  saying "Mall", but no access pathway to the door so tantalizingly close.

If you're reading this, maybe you can make a 10 foot connector from your parking lot to the path, put in some bike racks on that side of the mall,  so we can get together and I can get some shampoo and new curtains, and you can get my money!

All humor aside,  I did talk to the manager at Target about the possibility of getting some kind of connection. She was interested and suggested that I also write the general manager.  I'm sure it actually depends on the mall, but if their anchor tenant is supportive, I hope they will be too.  I might cc DCR who actually manages the path to explain that even though the mission is recreation, there might be some side benefit to helping provide transportation too.

*(Ok,  that's not actually me in the picture- it's a kid who was biking by while I was standing in the parking lot)

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  1. On my last trip to Seattle, I was struck at how much more often the little items such as Cycler notes above actually get done than most places. Like a connection between the Burke Gilman Trail and a local grocery store. Regardless of the actual conveniences, it is nice to know they actually considered us.

    Beside all of Cycler's excellent points, even recreational cyclists notice such things and are more inclined to go to such places, even if they DRIVE there. Its why Quicktrip is my preferred gas station - they have bike racks. My local Target also has bike racks and is on the "good list."