Monday, May 16, 2011

A quick note on bike week

AKA free breakfast week.
It's a gloomy week for it,  with a good chance of precipitation all week and chilly temps in the high 50's.  Of the four commuters in our office (2 year round, one 9 monther, and one newbie) I was the only one who made it through the chilly drizzle this morning (the other year rounder did have a broken brake cable)

However, a couple of good breakfasts:  Broadway Bikes on (surprise!) Broadway has their pancake breakfast tomorrow (Tuesday) and Harvard has their breakfast (lots of good swag including cheap blinkies) Wednesday at AuBonPain in Harvard Sq.  Thursday there's one in Kendall on Broadway,  and Friday there are events at Boston City Hall.

Lots of chances for free breakfast and conversation with your fellow bikers!  Hope to see some familiar faces, and would love to meet you if you're a reader- it's great to put faces (and bikes) to names.


  1. I missed the free swag so far, but not because I haven't been on my bike! In fact, we and the kids have tandemmed (my new word) our way to school both mornings this week, with me continuing solo on the tandem to work from dropoff. We have every intention of continuing tandemming through the rest of the week. I'll try to make it to the Harvard breakfast tomorrow, though I won't be there until about 9:00.

  2. I was able to make it to the Ferris Wheels Pancake Breakfast this morning. The first bike breakfast on the Southwest Corridor Park route, although it wasn't announced until yesterday.
    I've been envious of the number of breakfasts offered in Cambridge, but no more!

  3. C -- I don't suppose you'd know if the Swiss Consulate @ Harvard Sq. is continuing their tradition of doing a Friday breakfast before convoying over to the Gov't Center Bike Festival? I seem to forget about it every year and was trying to make a point of stopping this year, but word of it on their site is notoriously absent.

  4. I biked from JP to Ashmont Bicycles on Monday but sadly missed pancakes at Ferris Wheels yesterday. I'm curious to get a closer look at their new cargo bike. But will almost certainly hit City Hall tomorrow come rain or more rain, mist, hail, etc.