Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Know when to flash'em

As I've said before, it's fairly easy to ride in most skirts,  with the occasional pencil skirt exception.
I do have a couple of skirts that are not decent without opaque tights.  They're mostly shirt dresses where the last button is higher than the hem.  In the summer when opaque tights are both hot and odd looking, I do resort to wearing shorts under those few skirts.
I have a couple of pair of just above the knee mostly cotton "workout shorts"  that I bought a couple of years ago at a big box sports store.   I should go back and see if  I can pick up a few more pair, because I also end up using them as painting clothes, and they're getting a lot of "character".

These do have a gusset,  but are unpadded, and mostly cotton with just enough stretch to stay put, not enough to feel sausage-like  I have tried riding with shorter, less form fitting shorts under skirts, but they tend to ride up too,  and even though I am not technically flashing anyone anything other than my shorts,  it doesn't look that way to the casual viewer,  and I don't care to think about the intent viewer!


  1. Gusset you say! Where an I get this elusive item?

  2. well, maybe gusset is the wrong word- I'll have to check out the seaming when I go home- I know that there's a little elliptical cotton panel from the inside, but I'd have to check about the seaming on the outside.

    I got them at City sports- they're house brand "workout" shorts although I'm not sure if they still carry them.

  3. I have a couple of pairs of bike shorts type things without chamios that I wear under my shorter skirts in the summer. I also have a chamios liner that I'll use. I love being about to wear my skirts while riding.

  4. Its hard to find cotton "bike" shorts as most stores seem to focused on carrying the compression-style workout shorts. I did find some basic ones at Modell's in Fresh Pond yesterday but I can't remember the fiber content off-hand. For capris and leggings I lucked out at Kohl's which is carrying cotton ones by Vera Wang.

  5. This could work for a kilt, too. I found a pattern for sewing in a gusset here:

  6. Velouria-
    I checked and the shorts do have a gusset, but it is very small, maybe 5" x 2". @ Anon, thanks for the tip on Kohls, might have to make a trip out there just to get a couple of pair