Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spandex free at the stoplight

Today was the first really glorious day in a month that's supposed to be full of glorious days.  68- headed to 72, sunny, breezy!  Aside from nearly getting run over by a sidewalk cyclist going really fast down my narrow sidewalk as I put out the recycling (and yes I did yell at her)  it was a lovely morning!

I was so distracted by the lovely weather that I overshot my first stop of the morning- compost dropoff.  I was 4 blocks past the Whole Foods on a one way street,  but I didn't think my office mates would appreciate a bag of partially rotted food sitting in the corner all day, so I turned back.

The area where they have the compost bins at the back of the parking lot is being maxed out for employee parking and storage, but  Gilbert could squeeze in just fine.

We headed out through the construction zone again..

And then found ourselves in a mini-convoy of lycra free ladies riding down broadway, over the Longfellow and up to City Hall.  I got a shot of the the other ladies at a stoplight- Such big smiles!
What a lovely day to ride a bike!


  1. huh! I didn't realize that Whole Foods was doing a compost drop off. I'd been intrigued with finding one ever since visiting Ottawa (they instituted a city-wide composting program last year) Is this the one by Prospect St.?

    I wound up riding along with Dave this morning, catching him on the Boston of the Longfellow. We were both glad to be leaving the wool at home today.

  2. Cris,
    The city of Cambridge ran a pilot composting program last year, mostly aimed at getting businesses (restaurants, grocery stores and institutional cafeterias- Harvard/MIT) to start composting. I think that the city subsidized pickup as a way of getting businesses started on it. You can also drop off at the cambridge DPW at their recycling center, but only during specific hours that were sometimes hard for me to get to.
    WF on Prospect volunteered to let people drop off in their bins, which are out in the back of the parking lot. I don't know that any other WF participate in either the composting program or the open to the community drop off.
    The whole thing has worked really well for us. We've reduced the amount of trash that goes onto the curb by about 50%, and the WF dropoff is on my way to work, so I just do it once or twice a week as necessary.

  3. ah, so since it's a Cambridge program, I don't suppose they check for residency? when I was living in Brookline several years ago, I used to have to go to Watertown or Newton to drop off recycling and always felt a bit shady about it.

  4. Hey, we saw you last night cycling on Mass Ave from the direction of Harvard Sq toward Porter Sq! At least I think it was you. You were wearing a nice dress.

    I am seeing more and more normally dressed people commuting on bikes. More of my neighbours coming home on bikes. It's great!

  5. Nope, not me- went directly home last night- didn't make it as far west as that. I was wearing a bright coral dress yesterday- clashes with Gilbert's color scheme, so I'd definitely be visible!

  6. It's good to see so many cyclists out.

  7. Wow, interesting. This was about 7:30pm. So it was someone on a bike that looked similar to yours from a distance (including the colour and a wicker basket in the front), and who was wearing a helmet similar to yours. Brightly coloured floral dress fluttering in the wind. I guess this is just more evidence of dressed up women on bikes!

  8. How come all the cute bikes are married?