Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh no, not again

After a beautiful day on Saturday where everyone came out into the sun and tried to get the moss out from between their toes,  it's back to the slog,  with pouring rain this morning,   and a chance of rain most days this week.  le sigh.

The small brown dog looked at me this morning as if to say,  Really?  You want me to go out in that?  He raced out, did his business and crawled back into his bed.

I find myself feeling the same way, without the option of crawling back into bed.   Think I need a day off the bike- gonna ride in to the train with the Scientist I think.


  1. I hate rain. It should only ever rain when everyone is nicely tucked up in bed and fast asleep.
    Am convinced the rain only came out to spite me this evening.
    Wool, wind, cycling and rain don't mix well!

  2. Sounds like you need one of my raincoats for women who ride upright bicyles (& everyone else):- The Cambridge Raincoat Company.

  3. After Bike to Work and bike event Week and a nice long ride on Friday afternoon, I was ready for a break off the bike this weekend. I only ran one errand Saturday and Sunday on the bike, but only just to keep my promise to myself to ride every day this month.
    I tightened my chain Sunday night and was amazed at the amount of filthy brake dust covering the wheels, and nasty greasy black mess all over my chain, and the debris from the insides of my fenders. At least there is no salt crust covering it all like there was most of the winter.
    This morning I buried my head under the covers when I heard the downpour, by the time I was out the door on the bike, the rain had stopped and it was a nice ride through the very green southwest corridor park into work.