Thursday, November 17, 2011

Impromptu Rain Cover

I got a chance to ride Minerva for the first time in the rain post Kool-Stops/ drum brake conversion, and it was great!  I was very conservative down the big hill on Cambridge street, but everything went well-  1,000% better than the first time I rode her in damp conditions.

It wasn't really raining hard, and I needed my bike for an early morning meeting, so I decided to ride despite the drizzle.  I don't mind carrying my leather bag in a light rain, but I was worried it would get a lot of splash up from the road.  Also not the end of the world, but I happened to have a plastic bag from a batch of paper towels that we'd just unwrapped at the office.  I was taking it home for recycling, and then I looked at it and thought- that's just about the same size as my bag....

So it's not pretty, but it kept the bag completely dry!

I hooked the top of the bag into the clips on my pannier hardware, and locked them down.

A slit in the back is how I slid the whole thing on.  Again, not terribly chic, but effective!

On an unrelated note, you know you live in a fairly well developed bike culture when on a rainy night with temps in the 40's, all the bike parking is full.  Had to stop at a pharmacy in Harvard Sq, and there was absolutely nowhere to park.

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