Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting to be the Season

Although it's been so warm, the weather is about to change as we enter December,  and I was determined to buy a wreath at the store, despite already having too much to fit in my bag.   No problem, I'll just loop it over the handlebars for the 8 blocks or so ride home!

Now if I can just find where I put Gilbert's Christmas lights....


  1. I feel all the more useful, environmentally friendly and clever, when i find space OUTSIDE my panniers to carry stuff on my bike. Excellent job!

  2. The lights would look very nice laced within the wreath!

  3. A bike wreath. Very nice. I too am anticipating a change in the weather. Not to sure that I'm ready for it though I will welcome the chance to get out my skis.

  4. "Now if I can just find where I put Gilbert's Christmas lights...."

    And I thought I was the only one with that problem! ;-)

    I just located my LED lights for the bike wreath...on Christmas Eve, good thing Christmas lasts for 12 days.