Sunday, November 6, 2011

zigzag bike

One of those Missioni for Target bike, spotted in its natural habitat, Newbury St (the swanky shopping street in Boston).

I've got to say,  the zigzags are very appealing.  The white tires, and the tiny splash of orange on the headbadge are nice touches.

It still looks a bit like a BSO in zebra's clothing,  although it has some of the right elements (chainguard, skirt guards etc).  Better  BSO with those items than one without,  and the provenance, and the flashy nature of the pattern probably means that it gets ridden more than a less pedigreed bike, which is all to the good.


  1. What's really crazy about those bikes is the price some people were willing to pay to get one. They were selling for 2-3 times the list price after they sold out. I like nice design (and I'm not convinced this counts), but that seems like a steep premium for a custom paint job.

  2. I too am amazed at how quickly people get sucked up into the hype of "must have" materialism. For the fashionistas out there, they can pay the price and make an entrance to the biking scene. I haven't really inspected the bike first hand but would guess it's some cheap frame with a fancy pants "color way". Just look at the bottom bracket; why is the seat tube so far aft of the BB? can have it.

    Here are a couple on Craig's List in San Diego for $550/each! They have been posted for a while. No takers for now but maybe some sucker will bite by XMAS. Ho Ho Ho, that's pretty hilariously jolly if I do say so myself!

    Ride well and be safe out there,


  3. I am 99% sure that is a straight tube step-through version of an Electra Amsterdam.
    The forward-mounted bottom bracket, chainguard design, saddle, and handlebars make it a fair giveaway. I have to say, I like the paint when viewed up close.

  4. Cory, I must be the 1%- because looking at the Amsterdam page, I don't think you're right :)
    The straight top tube of the electra comes into the seat tube at the same location as the seat stays do, whereas this bike the top tube comes into the seat tube about halfway between the BB and the seat stays.
    The weird bottom bracket offset may be a knockoff of the EA.

    I agree, that it seems like the accessories at least make it a decent city ride, although I agree that I wouldn't pay a premium for the designer origin aftermarket.