Monday, November 21, 2011


Riding past the GSD Saturday, I did a double take, and had to pull over to study these wheels!
That's a LOT of spokes.  Yes, I counted them (feeling a bit foolish squatting on the sidewalk), and there are 70 pair, or 140 spokes per wheel!!!!

Kludgy typeface, but I think it says "Stronger"    While theoretically more spokes make a stronger wheel, I've got to believe that at some point the rim becomes weakened by all the holes, so  it must be done for looks.

The photo didn't come out, but the "bike shop sticker" was all in asian characters.  That and the rear wheel lock make me think that this is a foreign student's bike imported from home.


  1. Just found and am enjoying your blog.

    Those are probably 72 spoke wheels. Increments of 36 which is standard. They also come in 144 spoke. Purely for aesthetics I believe. These types of wheels were really popular on "lowrider" bikes.

  2. These wheels look good to have lots of spokes,indeed.