Monday, November 21, 2011

Too many bikes?

A week ago I was so sick all weekend that I stayed home on Monday.  But by then I had absolutely exhausted my reading material, so I got out of bed and walked the three blocks to the main library in search of new material (I ended up with The Veil of Gold which was a nice little fantasia on Russian mythology).

Outside the library the bike parking was absolutely packed (and there's a lot of bike parking!)  Every post and tree had 2 bikes locked to it too.   The library is right next to the Cambridge high school, and I asked the librarian, and she said it's like that most schooldays. She did mention that there's covered parking in the underground garage, which is also nice to know.   I counted 61 bikes.  Obviously the school needs to put in more parking!  (looks like some more may be coming, looking at some photos on Lovely Bicycle).

This is awesome!!!

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