Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 degrees on the 27th

This morning the temp when I left the house on the 27th of March was 27F.  A dramatic change from the mornings last week that were in the high 40's and low 50's.
Had to put my earpod ear warmers on, and wore a scarf, wool tights, boots and warm gloves in addition to my long Nau coat.  I looked almost like this:
Last week I looked like this- look ma- no sleeves!

I don't think this cold snap is going to do good things to all the flowering trees either.  I miss last week already.


  1. Ridiculous weather and so sad to see the dying flowers. There is an especially beautiful lotus tree that has barely had a chance to bloom, and this morning the petals were all shriveled and brown. Darn, why can't we have a nice spring!

  2. It was -6C here this morning. -4F on Mount Washington. Brr!

  3. I love your helmet, Is it Yakkay? I have a helmet from their range :-) Here in England it is unusually warm. I'm sure cold and rain is on the horizon though!