Thursday, March 15, 2012

Perfect timing

I wasn't feeling well last night and decided to take the T home,  which of course meant I had to take the T in this morning.   I was coming up at South Station, ready to walk the half mile to work, when I remembered- Hubway is back!

So it was that I took my first hubway ride of the season!  To my mind riding from the T to work is exactly what Hubway is best at.  Hop on,  ride 1/2 mile,  hop off and in to work!
Now if we can just get it in Cambridge......


  1. This is why I'm always a little reluctant to take transit and always wash my hands post ride. I figure it's always full of bike commuters who aren't feeling well. I know that the average transit rider isn't likely an ill cyclist, but it's my own biased worldview.


    1. I don't think you need to worry about catching what I had :)
      But, yes I'm very germ-conscious when I'm on the T- was sitting next to a coughing woman this morning, and tried not to breathe when she was coughing, and washed my hands as soon as I got in.

  2. Does this mean there is a Hubway station right outside your office, or that you kept the bike for the day?

    1. There's a hubway station right across the greenway from my office- you can just barely see my office in the background of the photo. There's another station on the other side of my office about 3 blocks away. If I get off the T at DTX the other station is easier to get to, if I get off at S. Station, this one on the greenway is simpler.

      Keeping the bike all day would be very expensive. And since I left Gilbert at the office last night, I have him to ride home.

      Once the Cambridge stations get set up, I could ride a bike from Boston to Cambridge, swap bikes and ride home. I'm not sure I could make the entire distance home within the 30 minute "free" window. I can barely do it on my bike, which is faster, so I probably wouldn't try to make it work on the hubways. You have to wait a couple of minutes between checking in and checking out though which is a pain.