Friday, October 1, 2010

Bike fun this weekend

Assuming that my basement doesn't flood again, I'm looking forward to a lot of bike fun this weekend.
Saturday I'm joining a group going apple picking by bike, which sounds wonderful,  and the weather is supposed to be lovely for it.  However it's 60 miles, which is a long trip on Gilbert, which makes me a little nervous.
Sunday I expect to be recovering, but there's a Bow Tie ride- celebrating the shape of Cambridge, rather than the neckwear (although such neckware is encouraged)  info here.

I might drag myself off the couch to make it to the Bike swap meet, at which ANT Bike Mike promises to liquidate the contents of the back corners of his garage.  I probably shouldn't share, as I don't want more competition, but hey, it's already been posted on Boston Biker.  If nothing else, it will be a reason to go to Union square and get a coffee at Bloc 11.

Stay dry people, and happy biking!


  1. That sounds like a fun weekend. I wish I could make it to the swap meet, but, alas.

  2. how do you think the albatross bars will feel after 60 miles? i find they're fantastic around town, but i don't think i would want to do any sustained riding with them.

    i will try to make either the cambridge ride or the swap meet, and possibly both. i might take one of my kids with me.

  3. Somervillain, I'm actually more worried about my new cork grips than I am about the bars- there's a little roughness where I had to trim one around the revoshifter that hasn't had a chance to wear down smooth yet. I'm going to try to dig out my long-unused cycling gloves for the occasion.
    The whole setup is not ideal for such a long ride, and I'm still troubleshooting the chaincase, so I'm nervous about a couple of things. but I have a high tolerance for physical discomfort, so if nothing else I'll gut it out for the apples and the (hopefully) nice weather.

  4. Apple picking by bike. That sounds almost as bad as going to a buffet by bike. In either case, getting there is the fun part. Returning not nearly so much. Just don't pick too many!

  5. or eat some of the apples on the way back!

  6. Sounds like it should be a fun ride with nice weather - I agree with others though about not picking too many, otherwise, the ride back could be way more difficult :)

    I'm loving this Fall weather we're finally having - we're going to ride to a Blessing of the Animals / Pet Festival tomorrow which should be interesting.

  7. Apple picking by bike does sound wonderful, and today was certainly a beautiful day for it.

    I have done 40 miles with the Albatross bars with cork grips and they have been fine for that long, but not ideal. But then I generally like multiple hand positions for long rides.

    We have just gotten back from the Cape and may go the to the Swap Meet tomorrow if I'm fully recovered by then. If not, possibly just the Co-Habitant will go.