Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tarte Tatin

This is my favorite use of apples!
Tarte Tatin,  AKA French up-side down apple pie:

You caramelize the apples in a pan with butter and sugar,  put a pie crust on top, slide it all into the oven, then tip it out when the crust is done.

I over caramelized a bit, and didn't unmold it until it had already cooled too much, so it's a bit ragged around the edges.
But boy, with a dollop of whipped creme fraiche (or whipping cream with a dollop of sour cream),  there's not much better on a cool fall evening!


  1. Keep that up and you are going to need an extra wide saddle : -)

  2. Now I have a really good reason to go to the farmer's market. Around this way, the apples are getting good right about now. (I'm in NYC, and the apples in the farmer's markets are mainly from upstate.)

  3. I still have a sentimental attachment to a nice, flaky apple pie; but will concede that there are fewer smells more appetizing than apples caramelizing in butter and sugar.

    The Girl and I have been repurposing our apple picking bounty into pies for breakfast and apple/caramelized onion stuffings for poultry.

  4. Too funny! We've been eating this at my house too. So delicious, so much butter!