Saturday, October 16, 2010

A different kind of fall color

I like to keep a planter by our front door with seasonal annuals in it- pansies in the spring, begonias in the summer,  mums in the fall.  Somehow this year I was too busy to swap out the summer stuff, and the pansies are looking really bedraggled.

This year I got an ornamental kale,  which is much more purple than it seems in the photo.  It will resist a bit of frost and give me something spiky and interesting to look at for the next month or two while I climb the stairs


  1. So pretty! I'm a sucker for plants on a beautiful bike :)

  2. For some reason, this bicycle looks particularly good with vegetation on it. Maybe you need to install a permanent planter on the bike itself? : )

  3. Off topic, sorry: it seems like someone took down the NO TURN ON RED sign at the intersection of Mass Ave and Vassar St. Do you know I can contact about something like that?

  4. Hezog:
    I'd start here: with the Cambridge DPW work request form. Make sure to check the box about having them follow up with you.
    If they are not the right person to call, they will either give you contact info to talk to the right person, or I've found they'll just call the right person (DCR, MIT, MassDOT) themselves.
    There is a chance that it was taken down "officially" in which case you could probably complain about it, especially if you had a dangerous incident because of the sign being removed.