Tuesday, October 19, 2010

O Ye who are heavy laden

I've been listening to the Messiah at work, so excuse the slightly biblical title.
Generally every couple of weeks, I borrow the Scientist's car and do a run to the mainstream grocery store for big bulky things like dog food, soda, paper towels etc.
I can do these things by bike, but only a couple of things at a time.
It's been a while since I had one of those weekends, and the dog was down to sorrowful scrapings of the bottom of the bin.  So I headed to the big grocery store and loaded up my cart:  20lbs of dogfood,  two 6 packs of soda, a loaf of bread, two pounds of chicken thighs,  cilantro, ginger, and a 3 pack of gladware.
What it looked like in the carriage:

What it looked like loaded up on Gilbert:  Can I put in another plug for how fantastic flat rack straps are?  This would not have been possible without them:

Now 99% of people would be content to wobble home, but I decided that there were a couple of things I also needed from Trader Joe's.  So I slowly biked down to the river, and picked up some capers, cotija cheese and coconut milk (all the C's) Finally, I headed down the river bike path, I was not terribly stable, but it was fine.


  1. Stopping at TJ's really showed masochistic class. Good thing there wasn't a Chinese takeout place on the last leg home!

  2. They get nervous when they see you pull in with dog food.

  3. cycler, i'm surprised you didn't stop at the appliance store and pick up a new dishwasher while you were at it :-).

  4. I think this puts all the extracycle/yuba/whatever people to shame!