Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Upcoming Events

A Couple of events of note:

Sunday night is the annual Halloween ride, meets up at Green street station in JP.  I went last year, and it was pretty incredible.  Some people had spent a LOT of time on their costumes,  but you can go even without.  A rolling street party, closer to critical mass than a tweed ride, and a lot of fun.  Best if you can go with a group I think-  I lost my group immediately, and I had a great time even by myself, but having a posse would make it more fun.

Tomorrow night Oct 27 is a "community walk" with the city planners to discuss the upcoming changes to the Western Ave corridor:  more information on the plan and the walk here

This will be followed up by a public meeting Nov 3rd at 7pm at the Cambridge Senior Center in Central square.   I'll confess that I haven't been as dialed into the Western Ave reconstruction as much as the bridges, mostly because I trust the Cambridge city planners to be progressive about cyclist accommodation,  but after some of the snafus at the Main-Broadway reconstruction I'm not so sanguine, and want to check it out in person.

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  1. The Halloween Ride is totally cool. We've gone the last 2 years.

    There is also a Tour De Grave on Saturday morning at 9:30 (Search on Boston Biker for this), touring various burial grounds in the Boston and Cambridge area.