Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Wide

I had packed my lunch and other essentials*  in my normal bag and was almost out the door, when I remembered that it was CSA day.  Instead of transferring everything into my big pannier, I decided, at risk of looking like a bike geek, to put the big pannier on the other side.  And then,-to make it an extra wide load I piled on a tube of leather that I need to mail back to where I got it because it's the wrong color.

And I was sure glad that I brought both, because I filled the big pannier to overflowing, and had to put the tomatoes in the small one, AND leave my jacket at work.
This was what the CSA haul looked like this week:

A Giant cauliflower (my favorite fall veggie), two winter squash, 4 tomatoes, baby bok choi, a cabbage,   salad mix, purple basil, 5 poblano peppers, onions, eggs and  a gaggle of small sweet yellow peppers.

The chaos in the fridge is reaching epidemic proportions, so last night we had Pizza night, AKA clean out the fridge night.  My pizza featured olive oil, garlic, halved grapes, a bit of chorizo, a bit of bacon and a couple of types of blue cheese ends.  YUM!  The best thing about pizza night is that it uses up the tasty bits that otherwise aren't enough to do something with, but are perfect as a minor player in a pizza.  Also it allows me and the Scientist to go in completely different directions with the same base ingredients.

Continuing the "clear the decks" mentality, we had yet another summer pasta tonight
1 red pepper, 1 jalapeno pepper, 3 cobs worth of corn kernels, 2 tomatoes, chopped, 1 tbs butter, 2 cloves garlic,  a handful of frozen shrimp, and a couple of threads of saffron.  Served over WW pasta with a generous garnish of chopped parsley and basil. Late summer on a plate.
No picture because we gobbled it down before I could think of recording it, but worth remembering.

* everyday essentials include:   a multi-tool,  a linen hankie, zipties, 5mm nuts,  tinted lip balm, phone, wallet and keys.


  1. that CSA ad pizza looks yummy. I love this time of year.

  2. Are you getting from Redfire Farm? That CSA haul looks very similar to what I just picked up. My odds & ends usually go into a stir fry or a risotto.

  3. Moopheus - we do get red fire farm. This is our third year and I'm particularly happy picking up at south station.
    Anon. I accidentally hit the wrong button and deleted your comment. My favorite way to cook cauliflower is to boil it until tender and then smash it with garlic olive oil red pepper flakes and an anchovy. I toss that with pasta and top with parmesan.

  4. Super cool!
    What can't you haul on that bike!