Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time for Tights

It was lovely this morning- the radio proclaimed 61 while I was getting dressed. After a trip and a couple of bouts with insomnia, I finally slept well in my own bed- it  was perfect "sleeping weather" with the windows flung open- just cool enough to be tucked in under a light blanket.

I decided to break out a pair of harlequin tights that I bought what seems like months ago, and which have been waiting for it to be cool enough.  The nice thing about opaque tights is that it no longer matters how high your skirt hitches up, you're still covered!   Tights of various weights are a real fall and winter staple for for me, because they still breathe when I get warm, but  are just enough warmer than bare legs when I venture out into the chill of the morning.

Yes, they're a bit wild,  but paired with a simple black dress (and probably better with a pair of non- T strap shoes)  they were the perfect shot of color to catapult me through one of those busy post-vacation day days.  I got lots of comments on them, ranging from "rawr" from the office manager to "nice stockings" from another rider.


  1. Those tights are awesome!

  2. I love them !!! please tell us that they are still available somewhere

  3. @ anon- I got them at DSW, don't know if they're still available.

  4. love em.

    I wore tights today, too, black lace :) I am happy about this weather.

  5. They are, indeed, awesome. Glad to hear there is sleep after vacation. :)