Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Made by You and US

Sorry for the brief hiatus, was on a non-cycling quick trip to visit my Mom who had some minor surgery.
Am back in Boston and hopefully back to posting more regularly!  For the moment some bike love:

I've seen the Republic bikes online,  and there's been lots of discussion about the putative quality based on a couple of photos.
I finally saw one "in the wild"  and although I don't know that it was the colors I would choose, it looked like a pretty decent option.

My (non-biking) friend who stopped while I took pictures, commented on how she liked the front and rear racks, and how it was cool you could pick the colors.

And it is nice to have a loop frame option, even if the welds are unlovely.
Finally this one doesn't seem to fit the owner well, or the owner isn't very comfortable biking, as the saddle looks smushed down to the lowest possible setting.  Hopefully it's the latter, and as their confidence grows, they can "grow into" the frame.


  1. how is the wheel rebuild going?

  2. Cool, would be great to hear feedback from anybody who has one of these.

  3. Ah, so they do really exist! I'm so glad you shared; I'd been wondering about these.