Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fruit basket upset

Boston being a college town,  over time, something like 80% of the leases in the city turn on September first.  It's like a giant game of fruit basket upset,  and you can't get a Uhaul for love nor money (you can only rent a Uhaul for 4 hours today, not an all day thing).  There are huge piles of trash outside apartment buildings, and the scavengers have been picking up old tables abandonded IKEA furniture and all kinds of cookware.

It's traditional that someone today (usually a student) takes a Uhaul on Memorial drive, forgets that they're in a truck, and neglects the overheight vehicle warning signs and hits a bridge.   When I came back from the library last night, the pedestrian signal that had been on the corner of Putnam and Mt Auburn when I set out was  lying on the ground in pieces and there was a sheepish looking guy standing next to a Uhaul talking to a policeman. There's also crazy double parking, especially in Brookline and Allston.

Bottom line-  lots of people in big unfamiliar vehicles with blindspots driving in unfamiliar places.   Watch out- be extra careful,  take the time to let them go, and give them lots of space, expect them to pull stupid stuff- be safe out there!


  1. My commuting route has recently changed from Fresh Pond through Harvard, down Mass Ave to from Newton through Allston/Brighton down Comm Ave and I have never been so anxious on my commute as I have been during "move in week" this week!

    Yikes, is all I can say.

  2. Over on the b0st0n community on LJ they traditionally run a pool on when, which underpass, and from which school, for trucks on storrow drive.

  3. on a positive (or negative?) note: lots more cyclists on the roads as well. positive in that cyclists are a good thing, negative in that, well, lots of cyclists are bad cyclists.

  4. well said, and neither positive or negative; just a matter of face.

  5. Thanks for the hilarious description of the U-Haul tradition : ))