Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wheeling and chatting

Saw this group of young ladies walking down the street- half with bikes, half without, chatting and enjoying the lovely evening.  I bet they were headed to Berry Line with half the rest of the square.

I have no idea if they're students or not,  but a comment from Somervillan made me think about how all the students coming back seems like a big teaching moment on how to use the streets.  I wonder if the city bike committee does anything to try to raise awareness of how to bike safely that is specifically targeted to students.  They could have pamphlets at bike shops,  booths at student activities days etc.
I don't think it would be amiss to have a few targeted "enforcement actions"  to at least hand out warnings about red light running, salmoning, and ninja biking.

Every time I've been in Target the last couple of weeks it seems like I've seen someone wheeling a bike as part of their back to school shopping.  On one hand, I think this is a good sign that bikes are "back"  but on the other, I wish they were buying "real" bikes.  I just hope that the BSO's they buy are a gateway to the wide world of bicycling, and not a turnoff due to poor sizing, construction etc.


  1. At least in the picture you posted, it looks as though the bkes are sized for the riders.

  2. There are a few BSOs at my campus, but there are a lot of real bikes, including an xtracycle.

  3. @Robert,
    Yes, those ladies picture above had properly sized bikes that look like vintage mixtie.
    I'm just saying that I see a lot of people on BSOs that don't fit and probably aren't pleasant to ride.