Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3rd Annual Boston Bikes Update

EDITED- to correct the time- I was looking at the times for a street talk in May, not this event-oops!

This Thursday at the Main Boston public library, Nichole Freedman - aka the Bike Czar- will give her "State of the (biking) Union talk with updates on what happened this year, and what's planned for 2011.
More info here,

The Rabb Lecture hall is in the ugly Phillip Johnson addition, up the soulless monumental stair-(is my opinion clear enough?) on the 2nd floor with the moldy HVAC vents and acoustic tiles.  I wonder what we'd have to do to rate one of the public spaces in the McKim Mead and White building?   Sorry- can't help grousing about a building I don't care much for.

It's definitely worth a trip downtown if you can make it. 6:30 Pm to 8:30Pm.   Hope to see you there!  If people want to meet up before or after, leave comments and we'll find a place.


  1. according to my calendar and the event webpage, it starts at 6:30 pm and doors open at 6 pm.

  2. I'm planning on being there.

    And I'm also with you on not being a fan of the architecture, but do you know if the public rooms in the old building have similar capacity? I was under the impression that the public rooms in the old library weren't large enough to host such a gathering.

  3. oh and as far as a meetup goes -- meeting up for dinner or drinks beforehand may be tough for me, but I'm up for getting together afterwards to share, talk and conspire.

  4. Not sure if I'll make it. BTW, I use to be a tour guide for Boston by Foot. During my training I learned how Johnson had left a "distinctive" imprint on the city and to this day I loath tacked-on palladian windows.