Sunday, January 9, 2011


Not what you normally expect to see tethered to the bike rack at the grocery store.
I guess it's one less car....


  1. That's a revolution in urban transportation that is just taking a little longer to get started than originally predicted.

  2. Hmm... seguay. Not sure what to think of them. I think they are brilliant simply from a technical perspective, but they failed to take into account the lack of infrastructure for such a concept. Is it a motor vehicle? Or a pedestrian accessory? What is an acceptable (and legal) right of way for one? Sidewalk? Road? Bike lane? Since answers to these questions don't really exist, I can't see these becoming popular any time soon. They seem to generate more confusion than solution.

    A guy at work has one, and parks in the parking garage. It looks fast when it goes by! It appears to go at least 10 mph and can keep up with most urban bike traffic.