Monday, January 31, 2011

well, at least I got ONE day

Rode into work today for the first time in what felt like forever (about 2 weeks). I had an appointment first thing, and rode a little loop around cambridge before I headed in.

I was a little nervous, because I haven't ridden in so long, and felt like I'd lost a bit of my traffic nerve. Partly it was because I was riding at off peak, but there weren't really any issues (aside from the bike lane being completely buried everywhere).

 The worst part was that there wasn't really a way to cross the giant iceburg at the temporary "bike crossing" at the entrance to the Longfellow, so had to go on the regular car onramp-  this would have been tough at rush hour- likely would have had some massholes breathing down my fender in their hurry to race over the bridge at illegal speeds, but luckily I had it to myself.   A gold star and all my love to DCR for having the best cleared bike lane I've seen since Christmas- the bridge lane was absolutely clear all the way to the curb.   Hooray DCR- I'll have to email them my thanks.

 Other than the onramp mess, things were pretty chill (literally)- it was surprisingly cold this morning- felt like it was in the teens when I was first heading out,  and it was 23 when I arrived at work.

I saw an amazing number of bikes out- maybe it was because I was riding a bit later than usual.   I think that a lot of people, like me looked at the forecast and decided this was likely their only chance for another week or so.  Yes, we're expected to get another 14 to 20" in the next 48 hours.   I literally don't know where I'm going to put it- I guess I'll have to lift it over the 4' fence and drop it in the yard.

Dreaming of warmer climes....


  1. We're gonna get some as well so stay away from Dallas until after the Super Bowl. It's the first time I've seen forecasts for subzero wind chills here. Like ever since I've been paying attention. Maybe some snow accumulation as well. Snow is MUCH nicer than simple slick ice which is more likely.

  2. I know what you mean... I rode today just so I could get one day in, this week... :/

    I am also wondering where to put the snow.

  3. I rode yesterday and found that the snow drifts were incrementally creeping in on the street. There was a surprising number of cars backed up on Broadway due to simple road congestion, and I kind of wonder how much tighter streets will get if this keeps up.

    silentq and I met up at a bar in Kenmore Square later that evening to hang out with some friends and dance to a bit of music, and I had to climb a nearly four foot high snow drift to chain my bike to a parking meter. I swear that I felt like I should've been planting a flag on it.

    This morning, the streets were unplowed and riding the Red Line over the Longfellow felt like we were floating in a world of cloud and fluff.

  4. I should also say, in support of your last paragraph, that at this bar, we saw a fair number of folks out and a lot of them also said, "yeah, this may be the last chance that any of us will get to leave the house for the next few days so might as well have fun with it."